English as a Second Language

Alberta Education Funding for children starting as early as 3 years & 8 months of age identified as English Language Learners and meeting criteria for English as a Second Language (ESL) programming. Funding is only available for a maximum of 2 years with the last year intended for Kindergarten.
  • I’m for Kids Team provides screening at the request of individual preschools.
  • We assist preschool teachers by providing materials and support to children identified as ESL.
  • The primary focus for I’m for Kids Team is to include all ESL children in the regular program.
  • I’m for Kids Team provides specialized learning kits, puppets, and books for preschool teachers to include with their regular classroom themes and projects. These resources are rotated every two-three months.
  • We offer In-service Professional Development for all private preschool teachers at no charge.
  • We meet all recommended ESL guidelines set by Alberta Education for eligibility.
  • We have been asked to be representatives on a task force to plan future services to young ESL children.

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