Our FAQs

How much does the program cost?

There is no cost for the family to access an Early Intervention Program with I’m for Kids Team. The funding is accessed through Alberta Education and/or Human Services. All services are provided through funding.

How long will my child require support?

This is a “crystal ball” question as each child is unique in his or her needs and progress. Research strongly supports Early Intervention for preparing children for learning.

What's Next?

Contact I'm for Kids Team to find out how to register.  We will help you find a program that is suited to your child's and family's needs at one of our 80+ community-partnered preschools, daycares, and private kindergartens. 

When does my child start Early Intervention Programming?

Families of children who are less than 3 years or age, need to understand that Program Unit Funding (PUF) funding is only available for a maximum of 3 years. Alberta Education requires that the 3rd year be reserved for your child’s kindergarten year.

Mild/ Moderate (M/M) funding is a maximum of 2 years and children must be 3 years and 8 months of age on September 1st to be eligible. Alberta Education requires that the 2nd year be reserved for your child’s kindergarten year.

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