Our FAQs

How much does the program cost?

There is no cost the family to access an Early Intervention Program with I’m for Kids Team. The funding is accessed through Alberta Education and/or Human Services. All services are provided via this funding.

How long will my child require support?

This is a “crystal ball” question as each child is unique in his or her needs and progress. Research strongly supports Early Intervention for preparing children for learning.

When does my child start Early Intervention Programming?

Families of children who are less than 3 years or age, need to understand that Program Unit Funding (PUF) funding is only available for a maximum of 3 years. Alberta Education requires that the 3rd year be reserved for your child’s kindergarten year.

Mild/ Moderate (M/M) and English as a Second Language (ESL) funding is a maximum of 2 years and children must be 3 years and 8 months of age on September 1st to be eligible. Alberta Education requires that the 2nd year be reserved for your child’s kindergarten year.

Who pays for the preschool fees?

Alberta Education believes that Preschool Fees are the responsibility of the family. Only PUF funding will consider paying preschool fees if it is deemed a financial hardship for the family.

Is there busing/ transportation available for my child?

Transportation funding is available to assist in transporting PUF children to preschool if a family is unable to ie. working full-time or do not drive. We are a community-based program and do not have school busses, any transportation of children must be provided by our Program Support Assistants (PSA) in their private vehicle.

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