About Us

Who We Are

I’m for Kids Team provides an Early Intervention Program to meet the identified special needs of your child. We have a complete team of professionals to provide programming strategies in a play-based and community-based preschool program. All programming decisions are made in the best interest of your child and parental input is valued while focusing on BEST Early Childhood Education (ECE) practices.

We provide programming to children between 2 years & 8 months - 5 years & 8 months of age which may include Program Unit Funding (PUF), Mild/ Moderate Funding (M/M),  and Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD).

What Sets Us Apart

Our programming provides each child with identified needs an opportunity to grow and develop to their optimum potential within their family, community and early childhood settings. I’m for Kids Team forms Preschool Partnerships with over 70 private preschools throughout Calgary and surrounding areas. We offer training to the partnering preschool staff.

  • Inclusion of the Preschool Teacher at IPP meetings
  • I’m for Kids Team Programming occurs in the child’s community preschool… We come to you
  • Our Kids Stepping Up program is offered to further enhance your child's intervention program through I'm For Kids Team
  • The parents are part of designing the programming to meet the needs of their child 


Our History

Wendy Jones is the founder/owner of “I’m for Kids Team” (IFKT). Wendy has been involved in teaching/consulting for over 40 years, since graduating from the University of Manitoba with: a B.A. in Psychology, an Education Certificate in Early Childhood Education, a B.Ed. in Counseling, and a Master's degree in Special Education from San Francisco State University. She has held positions with the Departments of Education in both Manitoba and Alberta. She has many years as a Special Education Consultant with large school districts regarding Early Intervention and has taught graduate level courses at the U of M and the U of C plus many speaking engagements in Canada and the US.

Her belief in young children leading a full life through early intervention and learning formed her philosophies of today. It was while working with the REACH Program, in Southern Alberta, that Wendy learned how valuable having a multidisciplinary team to provide assessment, consultation and programming was. She began to think of ways to improve upon the services they offered, and ideas for her own company started to form. It took many years of planning and preparation, as well as trials and tribulations, before Wendy would open the doors to “I’m for Kids Team” in July of 2005.

For the first five years Wendy and her team worked from Wendy’s home. It was just in March of 2010 that “I’m for Kids Team” moved to its current Head Office.

Wendy is fully involved in all aspects of her company, and believes each and every member of her staff brings value to the company. Each employee has been hand-picked for their passion for children and for their acquired knowledge and skills. She considers everyone to be equal.

It is because of Wendy’s approach to education, her honesty, openness and her willingness to assist families in any way possible that “I’m for Kids Team” has flourished. “I’m for Kids Team” has developed a reputation for excellence, caring and results because of its principles and the people that follow them. IFKT is successful because of the team service delivery model that believes in the inclusion of all children into their community preschools, day care settings, day-homes, and home-based options.

The Company has grown exponentially due to our reputation and as a result we now have three locations: South office (Head Office); North office; Airdrie Office. Wendy is so proud and thankful for her dedicated staff of professionals and paraprofessionals and realizes that her dream to help young children with identified needs has come true because of them.

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